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Mariani is leader in the design, development and construction of innovative solutions for the secondary end-of line packaging automation.

Mariani Srl is an italian company leader in design, development and implementation of innovative solutions in the automated secondary packaging and end-of-line packaging processes. Thanks to the experience gained with the supply of an extensive range of plants since 1970, with over 6000 machines installed in more of 45 countries, Mariani Srl can offer a production program which covers all secondary and palletizing operations. The Company specializes in the manufacturing & upgrading of Dairy, liquid-food and beverages product handling and secondary packaging lines of different production rates from 500 – 40,000 products per hour.

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Message from the CEO

Antonio Mariani - CEO Mariani Srl

Dear Customers and Partners

Through this web page I would like to present the new image of Mariani which is reflected not only in the change of livery but also in the intention to clearly transmit information on our products and on all our solutions.

What we have been doing for more than 50 years, systems and machines, contribute to the process of modern packaging and guarantee flexibility, efficiency and connectivity, as required by the continuous evolution of the market.

Our strategy is guided by the needs of our customers, keeping in mind the design, functionality and sustainability features that increasingly characterize the packaging of the future.

We put our experience, the ability and the passion of the people who collaborate with us, local and global partnerships at the service of our customers, all working together and in total synergy to share the development of technologies and our products.

There will always be new challenges and our ability to lead Mariani through them always improving ourselves comes from each of us, from who we are, what we believe in, the choices we make and the actions we take every day,

Welcome to our world
Welcome to Mariani

Dr. Antonio Mariani
CEO Mariani Group


Mariani is constantly focused in developing innovative systems thanks to the exclusive “know-how” acquired over the years, with the goal to design and manufacture highly safe machines and systems, sufficiently flexible and totally ergonomic to meet with many different requirements. Our aim is to develop a company which can be a reliable partner for our customers, capable of contributing to the economical growth of our society, keeping in step with the environmental sustainability and common goals and civil liberties.

Electrical department - Mariani Srl

The design and manufacture of machines and systems in a context of constant innovation allows us to offer our customers products which are always in the forefront for their efficiency and reliability and to assist in the creation of future packaging technologies.

This approach makes it possible to daily renew the way of addressing our work, receptive to creativity, autonomy of the individual, responsibility of our collaborators, all aspects which are fundamental to properly face the changes and challenges which are typical of different market evolutions.


Quality System

Quality is not only an essential principle which helps us to maintain the leadership in the packaging and end-of-line sectors, but also a way of working and a company style that substantially influences and involves the entire structure at all levels. The company quality and the relevant control system have always been followed since the beginning with the maximum care and attention by always keeping a high company operation level.

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SA8000 2014

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OHSAS18001 2007

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ISO45001 2018

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ISO9001 2015

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ISO14001 2015

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Production department - Mariani Srl

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