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High Flexibility and Versatility

Automation of packing process

The company is specialized in the design and the construction of secondary equipment for fragile containers with packaging solutions in sleeves, film wrapped bundles, multipacks with handle and bundles with cardboard insert, trays or closed wrap-around boxes; we also offer solutions which forsee the use of plastic crates or roll-containers.

The equipments installed has performed greatly.

The challenge to pack and palletise PET and HDPE bottles at high speed.

Almarai is the largest integrated dairy company in the world, with a reputation for outstanding quality. It is committed to healthy living, and to delivering only the freshest, highest quality and most delicious products to the people it cares most about – its customers. Almarai Company is based in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its network extends throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council, leading and influencing the agricultural, dairy processing and food distribution industries. Almarai began in 1976 under the leadership of HH Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer, as it remains to this day. His Highness recognized the potential to transform traditional methods of dairy farming to serve the needs of the rapidly expanding Saudi market; and what began with the processing of fresh milk and laban soon expanded into modern dairy farms and state-of-the-art processing facilities. For each of the wide range of product portfolio Almarai has allocated a specific distribution packaging type due to bundles of film shrinked and reusable plastic crates, than placed on pallets quickly, correctly and with a specific order so that the cargo arrives on time and integral to the customer Mariani automation technologies have helped the company to maximize the efficient management of the secondary packaging and the end line about 30 lines between existing and new in production facility in Riyadh. “MARIANI over the years have proved to be a reliable source and partner for our end-of-line requirements. All the equipments they have installed has performed greatly and the back up we have received from them has always been up to our expectations. The turn key system that were recently supplied right from the discharge of our bottle fillers to the full pallet handling in the cold store for our new expansion has been another success and it will help our company to maintain the leading position in our region.” says Jhun Alfaro Project Manager, Almarai Company

Solutions for pharmaceutical industry automation

Safe handling of the products with crosschecks. ‘end-of-line’ solution capable of properly handling the product in the subsequent phases, i.e. storage, pallet labelling, destorage, shipment pre-arrangement procedures, loading, registration of all order data, transport to the wholesalers and finally to the customers. Mariani offers its vast experience and knowledge in the palletising technology to examine your requirements and suggest the best end-of-line solution for the pharmaceutical industry The company guarantees maximum flexibility and reliability of the entire palletising process for a wide range of pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. The automatic palletising systems can be perfectly adapted and integrated to the automation level of the semiautomatic or fully automatic internal logistics.

A mineral water in very good “shape” which looks to the future

End-of-line solution for the pharmaceutical industry

Over the last fiveyears the company has made particular efforts and paid a great attention to the pharmaceutical market by designing and developing specific customised machines and palletising systems. The last application has been installed for a French plant of a well known world leading Trade Mark.