Complete lines

Our core business is engineering and the creation of complete lines for the milk and cheese,
food and drinks industries, starting from the production unit up to the delivery of palletized loads
or other packaging for transport to warehouses or to the distribution platforms.

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The packaging and palletizing of industrial products often entail great demands. The great variety of items with an equally extensive range of containers and packaging require highly flexible, quality packaging solutions with excellent production outputs. Projects take form on the basis of numerous, specific criteria, some of which are of primary importance and represent the effective and binding design requirements which Mariani’s team of experienced and highly qualified designers is able to meet, and above all, transform into efficient production factors.

The packaging lines produced in our company
cover a complete series of highly flexible
and reliable machinery.

The systems are equipped with grouping units, gentle release and moving devices aimed at protecting in the best way possible, the integrity of containers, such as the wide range of formats and shape of Bricks; Bottles; Cups and Pouches.

Briks line

Fully automatic high speed line dedicated for all
carton-briks industry and derivatives.

Briks line – Sample layout

Briks line layout section - Mariani Srl
  • Conveyors

  • Buffer table

  • Packs divider

  • Shrink wrapping machine

  • Case packer machine

  • Palletiser

  • Stretch wrapping machine

IMW-335 side view - Mariani Srl

Bottles line

Innovative and modular high speed line applicable to any kind of solution and product

Bottles line – Sample layout

Bottles line layout section - Mariani Srl
  • Conveyors

  • Bottles acumulator

  • Bottles divider

  • Shrink wrapping machine

  • Case packer machine

  • Palletiser

  • Stretch wrapping machine

Bottles line - Mariani Srl

Cups line

Dedicated high-speed handling and boxing lines for cups and pans.

Cups line – Sample layout

Cups line layout section - Mariani Srl
  • Conveyors

  • Trays forming machine

  • Trays filling machine

  • Palletiser

  • Stretch wrapping machine

Cups line - Mariani Srl

Pouches line

High flexibility line fully dedicated for several pouches shapes

Pouches line – Sample layout

Pouches line layout - Mariani Srl
  • Conveyors

  • Shrink wrapping machine

  • Palletiser

  • Stretch wrapping machine

Pouches line - Mariani Srl


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